About Combat Kickboxing

What is Combat Kickboxing?

Combat Kickboxing has been developed from a mix of techniques from the most effective Martial Arts and self defence systems.

In recent years we have had major involvement with the British Combat Association under instruction guidance and teaching from Peter Consterdine 9th Dan. We have evolved our methods and skill sets to include the powerful striking techniques that Peter has spent 50 years developing (including the Double Hip Striking methods).

The syllabus we teach in our class has been developed by ourselves to give students a wide range of techniques for fitness sport and self defence including some of the heavy hard striking (double hip technique) and ground defence (Survival Techniques). 

What is involved in a typical class?

The main focus of all our classes is to get you fit for life so you can expect a high energy workout aimed at improving your fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and general well being through the practice of martial arts training techniques.

A typical class involves a brisk warm up followed by joint rotations and stretching. It will then include a mix of kicking, striking and defensive techniques trained with a partner but not requiring heavy contact. Several types of pad work are involved including the use of punch bags so you can practice with full force. The training will also include various aerobic and anaerobic exercises to make sure you are toned and fighting fit. We include no contact and light contact sparring for those who want to spar. The class will end with a cool down and some light stretching.


Can I grade in Combat Kickboxing?

 We have our own grading syllabus and we grade up to black belt registering our grades with the BCA. Promotion tests are  held every three months (approximately). The promotion test will involve students demonstrating their competency to perform various techniques proficiently as well as demonstrating the correct etiquette, focus, self control, fitness and determination for their grade. You can expect to train for around three  years to achieve black belt status.